New Year, New Home, New Trend!

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New Year , New Home , New Trend!


Air conditioning – The new must have in new builds in 2019.


House buyers, property developers and renovators are always looking towards the latest gadget and luxury item to attract new customers.


The latest trend shows that more and more people are adding air conditioning to their wish list for a new home.


It follows a scoring summer in the UK with more predicated to be on the way in the years to come.


Experts have said the UK needs to get accustomed to this kind of weather.

‘We will have to get used to these kinds of summers,” said Friederike Otto, deputy director at the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University. ‘There is no doubt that we need to take heat waves seriously around the world as something that we need to adapt to.’ Air conditioning units – and hot weather – are common place in many parts of the globe but aren’t items the UK has ever had to think about before, until now.


Paul Walls, Managing Director, Enviro-Tech MS says’ We’ve definitely seen an increase in people wanting to install air conditioning into their homes. This summer’s heatwave has really made people think about how to keep cool in warmer months. Our units distribute warm air as well as cold so it means they can be used all year round.’






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