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The UK’s winter weather record has been smashed in February with unseasonably warm weather conditions. A record high of 21.2C in Kew Gardens left us all basking in the sun, even here in the North East.

Experts have said climate change has played a role in the unusually warm February temperatures.

Met Office climate spokesman Grahame Madge said: “Climate change has made what would have already been an extremely warm event even warmer and is probably responsible for tipping it over the 20C threshold.”

Bob Ward, policy and communications director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science, said the temperatures were “consistent with the clear climate change signal that we are seeing in the UK”.

The warmer weather brings back memories of last summers heat wave which highlighted the need to have air conditioning in the home. Not a common sight in the UK but with the sunnier months still ahead, more and more people are realising the benefits of having cold air at the flick of a switch.

Our systems offer:

— Constant temperature control
— Hot and cool air
— Programmable to ensure comfort throughout the day
— Automated – Air conditioning systems can be controlled through an app — Energy efcient
— Easy to Clean
— Attractive Design
— Quiet to run
— Self cleaning filtration system
— Simple to use

Our trusted team are on hand to help with any enquiries you may have. Here’s to another sunny day.


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