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The academic year is well and truly underway as children are settling back into school life following a red hot summer in the UK.

While the seasons might be changing, a study in America has found students are continuing to struggle to concentrate in the classroom due a shift in temperature and the lack of air conditioning.

Researchers have found that warm days can slow down thinking and decision making even in the young and healthy.

‘For the first time, we’ve been able to find the detrimental effect of rising temperatures on young people’ said lead author Jose Guillermo Cedeno Laurent, a research fellow at Harvard in Boston.

Among the group teenagers who had no air conditioning reacted slower and with lower accuracy compared to those with AC.

During a heat wave, students in buildings with no cooling had 13.4 percent slower reaction times and 13.3 percent lower scores on math tests, compared to those pupils with air conditioning

No one knows exactly why we don’t seem to be as smart when we’re hot but with heat waves becoming more frequent through the academic year, not having the right air conditioning in schools could have a detrimental effect on learning.

SOURCE: https://bit.ly/2zBXOJY PLOS Medicine

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